AU Alert

To ensure multiple means of emergency communication for our campus, Andrews University uses several methods to send emergency notification alerts to the campus. This emergency mass notification system is called AU Alert. Please see the following for information on these systems:

Emergency Updates: View recent emergency communications (AU Alert messages and emergency Agenda posts).

About AU Alert: Further details on the system.

AU Alert Messages: Become familiar with the base level messages that may be sent during an emergency.

Employee/Student Registration: Sign up for AU Alert if you are a University employee or student.

Public Registration: Sign up for AU Alert as the general public.

B-WARN: Sign up for alerts from Berrien County's Office of Emergency Management.

About AU Alert


During emergencies, AU Alert will send text messages, emails and voice calls to registered recipients. The system will also post alerts or emergency information to the Andrews University Facebook account and/or the Andrews University Twitter accounts. AU Alert notices are primarily intended for situations involving imminent danger to health or human safety. These may include severe weather alerts, winter weather class cancellations, hostile threats, utility failure, major road closings or fire, among others.

Anyone, whether a University student, employee, parent, or member of the public, can register for AU Alert messages. For specific information on how to register to receive alerts, please see the appropriate instructions.

AU Alert Messages

AU Alert can be used to send situation specific messages or can be used to send pre-determined messages that fit the emergency. The pre-determined messages are designed to be able to quickly and clearly send out specific instructions to the campus. This then puts important information in the hands of the individual, allowing them to make quick individual decisions to improve their safety. Pre-determined messages can include:

  • All Clear—This Alert is used to inform the campus that the emergency is over and that normal operations can resume. If the campus is placed under a campus wide emergency (E.g. Lockdown or Shelter In Place), then the campus should wait for an All Clear Alert prior to resuming regular activity.
  • Lockdown—This Alert is used to inform the campus that there is either an active threat to the campus or there is potential for one. Campus is instructed to secure themselves, reduce signs of life, and wait for the All Clear. 
  • Shelter in Place—This Alert is used to inform the campus that the outside environment may be unsafe. A common example of this could be a hazardous chemical leak with an airborne/inhalation hazard. Campus is instructed to stay inside buildings and avoid exposure.
  • Timely Warning - This Alert is used to inform the campus that there may be an unsafe situation occurring on-campus. This could include a report of a suspicious/suspected person or repetitive crimes (E.g. multiple damaged vehicles). Some details will be provided and the campus will be instructed to be aware of the specific concern and to report any suspicious activity.
  • Tornado—This Alert is used to inform the campus that a  tornado warning has been issued. Campus is instructed to take shelter immediately.

Employee/Student Registration

If you are a current University employee/student you can register for AU Alert messages by clicking on the AU Alert icon. There you will you be asked to provide your University username/password. Once logged in, you will be able to set up your contact preferences. AU Alert also has the ability to send alerts to individuals based on their residence (Apartments, Community, Lamson Hall, Meier Hall, and University Towers) or through their Banner supplied work address. To ensure that you are included in the proper groups, please verify your residence and work address in Banner/Vault.


This link will redirect you to the Rave Mobile Safety website. Enter your Andrews University username and password to sign in and update your contact information.

Public Registration

If you are not an employee or student of Andrews University, you can register to receive AU Alerts via text message on your cell phone through our keyword opt-in option. While all are welcome to register, we recommend University guests or local community members to register.

To register you will need to send the keyword "AUAlert" in a text message to one of the following text message short codes:

  • 226787
  • 67283
  • 78015
  • 81437

Please note that the keyword is not case sensitive, and you can unregister any time by texting "stop AUAlert" to one of the text message short codes. 

Berrien County Alerts

As Andrews University is located in Berrien County, we encourage our campus community to also register to receive emergnecy alerts from the Emergency Management Division of the Berrien County Sheriff's Office. Please see their webiste for more information on their alert system, B-WARN.